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Taking Your Bicycle Maintenance to the Next Level with Paddock Bicycle Stands

Cycle stand for parking

Paddock is a place where horses rest and relax in free time, we as a die-hard cyclist consider our bikes as the most prized possession and no less than a Horse.

So we named this ultimate bicycle accessory as The Paddock Bike Stand.

Overview, and design of Paddock Bike stands

This innovatively designed stand not only keeps your bike securely parked and steady, but it also takes your bike maintenance to a whole new level. Whether you want to proudly display your two-wheeled companion in your drawing room or workspace, effortlessly park it in limited spaces, or perform quick servicing and repairs, the Paddock Stand has got you covered.

The quick video of Ashwa Pro Bicycle service cum Parking Stand

After multiple prototyping, and artwork, Our R&D team has truly outdone themselves with this smart and practical creation. With just 1.5kg of its own weight, it can effortlessly hold e-bikes weighing up to 30kg. Plus, its detachable structure allows race community riders to easily carry it to the race track. And fear not, reassembling this stand is a breeze – just a few minutes and a twist of an Allen key bolt, and you're good to go.

Park, Service Display. Any bike can be mounted on Paddock Bike Stand

Importance of using Paddock Stands for bike maintenance

But the Paddock bike service and repair Stand is more than just a versatile piece of equipment; it's a game-changer Stand for bike maintenance. This 3-in-1 Bicycle stand is an absolute must-have. Not only does it keep your bike upright while parked, but it also lifts the rear wheel, granting you easy access to clean the drive train, adjust gears, and manage fittings. Say goodbye to awkward lifting maneuvers – the Paddock Stand allows you to pressure wash and clean your bike hassle-free.

How to wash the bike easily with Paddock Bike service Stand!!!

The Top Features of Ashwa Pro Paddock Bike stand are - 

Enhanced stability and safety during maintenance and repairs -

The tripod legs strategically angled at 45 degrees that gives the stand most stable position to keep the bike upright, even on uneven surface as well.
Cycle stand for parking
How to Display a Bike with a Paddock Bike Display stand

Convenience and accessibility for various bike tasks

Since it is light weight, compact and detachable, one can take it anywhere with the bike, unlike other service and repair stand it do not need lots of space.
Ashwa Pro Bike display stand

How to Park bike at home with Paddock bike parking stand

Unlike other wall hook mount stand, you don’t have to struggle to lift the bike to hook on wall, The bike can be displayed on Paddock Bike stand easily anywhere

Safe Parking of Bike at Home is always a Concern!!!

Protection against potential damage to the bike's frame and components -

The Paddock bike service stand has a thick rubberize PVC coating on the top where the bike is hooked, that is to prevent any scratches to the bike frame. The carefully crafted hooks hold the bike securely from the rear triangle, ensuring no contact with other sensitive components.

Versatility is another key aspect of the Paddock Stand.

With the option to raise or lower the height of the central steel pole, this stand can accommodate bikes ranging from 20'' wheel size to 29'', including road bikes of any geometry. The bike stand even supports E-bikes up to 30kg, making it a favourite among bike stores.
Bike repair stand

How do you put a bike on a paddock stand?

A quick video of top features of Paddock Bike Stand

Please note One has to double check if they want to use it for BMX or full suspension MTB

Full suspension Bike parking stand - Ashwa Pro

The Stand works for most full-suspension bikes, still double-check.

So, if you're ready to take your bicycle maintenance to the next level, the Paddock Stand is the excitement your bike has been waiting for. Experience the perfect blend of functionality, style, and convenience – because your bike deserves nothing but the best. Get ready to ride into the future with Paddock Stands.

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