Indoor Cycling

How to Plan Indoor Cycling workout routine and Training at Home.

Although the benefits of cycling especially outdoors are known to many. But have you ever wondered if indoor cycling could be your ultimate guide to a fit, healthy, and toned body?? And Indoor trainers/rollers could be your all-in-one home gym equipment.

Indoor Cycling or Spinning is a quick and effective workout. It focuses on endurance, strength, cardio, high-intensity, and recovery exercises. Moreover, it solves the problem and the question of “how to lose weight quickly”. Most importantly, it lets you Exercise At Home

Two Rules of Indoor Cycling !!

Rule Number 1– “Always listen to your body” Allow your workout routines to be flexible enough to adjust to your mood and energy levels.

Rule Number 2– This is more important – “Self-motivation and consistency is the key to achieving your fitness goals”.

Worldwide it is now a proven thing that spinning or stationary cycling workouts are very effective in weight loss, cardio, and stamina buildup. Indoor cycling workout routine varies from person to person with the level of fitness, age group, and most importantly how much time one has or can spare from their busy lifestyle.

Here is an Indoor cycling routine that anyone can do 3-4 times a week( on alternate days).

Considering the lifestyle in the present day scenario, idealistically the younger age(20-35) group to the middle age group(35 -50) can afford  45 minutes for a workout in a day. Their fitness levels can vary from basic to relatively good.

Warm-up Session

Start with a 5-minute session of stretching exercises (easy to mild) before mounting on an exercising cycle/ bicycle roller/ smart trainers.

You can install any free fitness app to record all your workouts including indoor cycling. These apps provide you with all the necessary data such as Distance Covered, Minimum/Maximum Speed, Average Cadence, Total kcal burned, and much more. You can go through our detailed blog on the best Indoor cycling workout apps one can use to see their daily performance. For further updates, you may subscribe to our newsletter.

Now mount on your bike and make sure to check the seat height and body posture. (You may refer to blogs and videos on how to set yourself properly on an indoor bike trainer).<br>The initial 10 minutes is the warm-up workout. Here you need to put your bike in easy low & comfortable gears and maintain an average cadence of 60 while riding.

For the best results from Indoor Cycling Workouts, we recommend you mount your mobile phone on your bike for two reasons:

  1. Get your readings of distance covered, calories burned, cadence, etc on your fitness app to track your performance.
  2. Put on your Bluetooth headphones and play good workout music to keep you motivated and energized. Sync your cadence with the beats as music-driven workouts improve your stamina and mood as well.

A total of 15 minutes of stretching and warm-up prepares your body for the intense next 30 minutes with the following 5 break-ups:

5 minutes (i.e. 15th -to 20th minute) of Power Training [Put your bike in its hardest gear]

  1. Ride for 60 seconds between RPM: 90-100
  2. Break for 15-30 seconds ( Pls Note: ‘Break’ every time refers to a hydration stop or Continuous pedaling  at 50-55 RPM at easy low gears)
  3. Repeat for 60 seconds (RPM: 90-100;  hardest gear)
  4. Break for 15-30 seconds
  5. Repeat for 30 seconds (RPM: 90-100;  hardest gear)
  6. Break for 15-30 seconds
  7. Repeat for 15 seconds (RPM: 90-100;  hardest gear)
  8. Break for 15-30 seconds

The total workout of 20 minutes till now allows your body to reach a certain energy level and start sweating profusely. This is considered to be the preparation time for the body which is necessary. Now begins the workout routine that will bring actual effective results. 

You can change your body positions to standing and sitting positions (upright and aerodynamic body posture from elbow and shoulders). This is something we do to divert the mind which resists being in the comfort zone and with the changing position you also give some relaxation to your muscles. 

Next 5 minutes (i.e. 21st -to 25th minute) [Put your bike in mid gears]

  1. Ride for 60 seconds (RPM: 85-90)
  2. Speedup and add another 30 seconds and try to get RPM: 100+
  3. Stay Motivated and ride harder for the next 15 seconds at your maximum cadence and try reaching RPM: 110
  4. Break for 60 seconds
  5. Now Repeat the above lap with the stand-up position while riding.

Next 5 minutes (i.e. 26th -to 30th minute) of Maximum motivation, Powerful music & Extreme determination to STAY FIT [Put your bike in its hardest gear]

  1. Ride for 60 seconds (RPM: 65-75)
  2. Break for 30 seconds
  3. Ride for 60 seconds (RPM:75-85)
  4. Break for 30 seconds
  5. Ride for 60 seconds (RPM:85 -95)
  6. Break for 30 seconds

Now 5 more minutes (i.e. 31st -to 35th minute) of the comfortable ride [Put your bike in low gears]

Relax and cool down. Ride at any RPM you are comfortable in low gears, but keep those legs moving.


The last 10 minutes of stretching exercises (i.e. 36th -to 45th minute)

Dismount from your bike and hydrate yourself. Allow 10 minutes stretching of legs, shoulders, neck, elbow, knees, ankles, and wrist.

In comparison to a gym workout with different exercise machines, the above 45 minutes indoor cycling routine on a cycle trainer put into action a FULL BODY WORKOUT AT HOME. In addition, it includes cardio exercises, strength training, abs workout, leg exercises, weight loss, HIIT workouts, core exercises, etc.

If you have a bike you can set up your own Indoor cycling Gym with Ashwa Pro Bicycle Rollers & Trainers. It includes two options: Bicycle rollers with Bumper wheels Bicycle rollers with Action bridge. Furthermore, the exciting part of riding these rollers is the free live workout sessions where professional cycling Instructors provide you complete training on how to use them effectively.

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