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Top 2 Best Workout Apps to Record Indoor Cycling Routine & Ride in Virtual World

Top 2 Best Workout Apps to record Indoor Cycling Routine & Ride in Virtual World

Well, this is just a meme, but true to some extent.

Best Workout Apps

No, we are not going to talk about Zwift or similar Virtual Gaming Apps.

In the past few years, the Strava Community has grown widespread all around the world. It has now become the biggest fitness & social media platform for all the fitness freaks owning to its enormous benefits. The free Strava app allows you to do all your workouts, record your activities and share them with groups. You can follow your friends and other fitness enthusiasts to discover their workouts, motivate yourself, and also set targets for them. Best Workout Apps.

But, with all these features, Strava does have limitations in that it does not support Indoor rides. We cannot connect it with any speed and cadence sensor to record our spinning classes. To do the same, we need to authorize Strava with other third-party training apps which support these sensors. Connecting Strava with these apps allows us to upload and sync both outdoor and indoor cycling workouts on strava.

In this blog, we will be sharing some of the best workout apps for indoor cycling that one can use with an indoor bike trainer, rollers, or exercise bike as equipment. This workout data from these apps will automatically sync to your Strava app. So now your all-in-one home gym equipment is just an APP away.

MOTOSUMO – “Turn any bike into a Smart Bike”

Motosumo app provides the boutique, at-home live indoor cycling experience to anyone with a bike and a smartphone. The app is loaded with endless features, you can turn any indoor exercise bike into a smart bike.

What we like most about this app is that it does not require any sensors to record your workout. All you need is a good mobile mount on your bike. In case you do not have a mobile mount, you can easily use the bottle holder of your bike or anything similar. The app generates live workout metrics using the phone’s built-in motion sensors.  You need to fill in your basic details of age, height, weight, and FTP to get accurate readings. The app records your live workout reading with the distance covered, cadence (RPM), and Kcal burning with each pedal. For BPM you can connect your HR monitor belt to fit the band watch(with ANT+/BT features). Please note that Apple watches do not connect with Motosumo.

To check the accuracy, we compared the workout data of one single 30-minute session of indoor cycling with the Motosumo app and  Garmin bike computer (with Garmin sensors) at the same time. The marginal difference between the two was surprising, thus, we surely give points to the Motosumo app for accuracy.

Although, we cannot advise Motosumo to professionals preparing for cycling races, looking for 100% precise readings. But we strongly recommend it to avid cyclists or people looking for daily workout routines with minimum gadgets. This is an all-in-one fitness app for Indoor cycling workouts. It has exclusive features of Group Rides, Group Races, and Virtual rides in a paid subscription.


Motosumo App allows free recording of your routines for individual use only. For commercial purposes and 100% live and interactive spinning classes every day, it requires you to pay a subscription of 13$ a month. These unlimited and powerful music-driven workouts with your favorite instructors are ideal for all fitness enthusiasts. Also, one can register for 7 days of free live sessions from the available slots on their website.

Simple Effective and Fun

Intelligent Cycling App offers a series of fun indoor cycling workout routines for people looking for ‘HIIT workouts’, ‘recovery rides’, or ‘endurance training. To train with Intelligent Cycling, you need to connect your ANT+/ BT speed cadence sensor to the app and mount your mobile to see the live workout readings. You can easily view the comparison of the expected workout readings as per the routine with your own workout readings. At the end of the spinning class, you get your performance analysis on your screens.

The app also allows customization of different workout routines along with your choice of music from Spotify & its intensity, thus,  it is the best fit for Gyms and Indoor cycling instructors. These interactive workout routines and playlists get automatically saved.
However, one cannot use the app without proper speed & cadence sensors, and HR monitors. And most of exercise bikes & non-smart trainers don’t come with any such sensors, therefore, this proves to be a limitation in Intelligent Cycling App. We will be sharing another blog with details of various sensors used. And how to convert your regular exercise bike/ basic trainer or Roller into a smart trainer with minimal investment.

The intelligent Cycling app allows free recording of your routines for individual use only. For commercial purposes and interactive features of Virtual Rides, Team players, and advanced training programs, it requires you to pay a subscription of 130 Euros a month. Check out the website here:

You can make your own powerful Indoor Cycling Training Routine with their app, here is a guide on how to make one:

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