We are among those who believe Cycling is Not Just Another Sports.

It is a LifeSTYLE.

We love what we do

Ashwa Pro is a DREAM of "Just doing what we like and Liking what we do"

What Else !!!

Our working process

You Trusted Us, You Inspired Us, You Spoke To Us

We Listened to You, We Innovated for You, and We Present to You.

Passion comes First

Our Story

#Rukna To Hai Hi Nahi. As an athlete, we learned to work hard and harder till we succeed and Succeed.

With years of Experience in Professional Cycling, we struggled a lot in sourcing quality bike equipments at the right price. Many a time, even after paying a hefty amount there were service issues as most of the equipments are imported with no support system in India. 

Founded in the Pink City of India- Jaipur in early 2020. The year when life got standstill, we all were locked in and the Virus is about. 

We Launched Ashwa Pro, with a simple idea. To make world-class Products High in Standards, Smart, Strong, and Durable, Which makes all of us feel proud while saying Yes, This is Made in INDIA.

We at Ashwa Pro believe that each and every product we sell will remain our Property, even after years of use if there comes an issue with any of our Products we will be there to resolve it in No TIME.