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Experience Ultimate Freedom: Touring the World with a Bike Trailer

bicycle trolly for trip

Introducing the Chariot Bicycle Trailer!

So, here’s the story behind its creation. We had a few things in mind when we came up with this idea of making a multipurpose Cycle Trolley.

  • Firstly, we wanted to go on a month-long bike-packing trip filled with adventure and a touch of luxury. Picture this – overnight camping, with a cozy camp, mat, pillow, chair, gas stove, food for a week, clothes, jackets, and, of course, my favorite hat. Sounds amazing, right?

Now, let me take you back to my school days when I did a solo bike-packing trip of 25 days from home to home. It was an unforgettable experience.

The memories I created out of my solo bike trips are so great that I wanted to do it again, I took things up a notch and embarked on a few more bike packing trips to Ladakh and Europe. where I rented good bikes locally.

Both experiences were incredible, but I can’t compare them. They were unique in their own time and place, with different resources at my disposal. Comparing two different stages of life just doesn’t do justice.

Time and resources play a big role in shaping these experiences, so comparing them would be like comparing apples to oranges.

For me, Now adventure is adventure, regardless of the extra cost and effort involved. I absolutely love bike-packing trips, but I prefer not to start them from home. If I’m heading to Ladakh, I want to start from the mountains. If it’s Rajasthan, Kerala, or the northeast, I want to start from the heart of it all. It saves time and allows me to fully immerse myself in the experience.

But here's the thing - carrying your own bike or arranging transportation can be a hassle.

That's where The Chariot Bike Trailer comes in. It's essentially a luggage bag that transforms into a Bike Trailer. It can hold everything you need for a bike packing trip and doubles as your trusty trolley bag for flights, trains, or buses. Once you reach your destination, simply attach it to your rented bike, and you're good to go.
Cycle Trailer
Cycle Trailer
Not only is it a head-turner, but it's also incredibly practical. It's fun for the kids and offers a joyride for all. Plus, it's perfect for everyday use and fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Of course, it's not for those in a rush or those who believe in covering distance fast. This trailer is designed for the true touring enthusiast who values the freedom to ride at their own pace.

So, pack your Bike Trailer in a bag (literally), take a flight to your dream quest, and let the adventure begin!

bike trailer for touring

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