Important Bike Accessories

5 most Important Cycle Accessories one should buy with the Bike

The list is endless if you search for the Best bicycle accessories for a new cycle. This is what is rightly said in the cycling of anything where Hobby, Passion, and Desire are involved. “If you have so-called “extra money” Sky is the limit.”


Considering the buyers from India and also the Millennials generation,

who have seen the world of changes, there was a time we cycled to school, Tuition, Dates, and Bunks & where we were not!  not because it was love or the passion for cycling, but because this is what we had.

My favorite cycles were Hawk, BSA Mach, BAS SLR, Atlas, Hercules, and Hero Ranger, which used to cost 1500-2000 rs and comes with a side stand and 3 free services.

Now gone are those Golden DAYS, the world has moved to Luxury in Cycling, From Iron to Steel Frame, from Alloy to Carbon Frame. Cycling turned out a fancy affair and become a NECESSETY TO ‘Good To Have’.

Or whatever, still the basic requirements would remain the same, be it an entry-level MTB or a Top End Road bike.

This article is all about those 5 most Important Cycle Accessories and not about luxury in necessity.

First in the list is –

1.  Cycling Shorts:  

The first and foremost thing is it makes you feel like a cyclist.The padding inside gives you comfort and since these shorts are skin tight it reduces friction around the soft tissue and sits bones because it moves with you as you pedal.Last and the most important feature of Cycling Shorts is sweat control, because of the kind of fabric it is made of it provides moisture management and keeps sweat away from your skin.

There are multiple options for cycling shorts and pants with a wide range of fabrics and qualities to choose from.

There is an endless variety of cycling shorts online at Amazon, and Flipkart, top cycling shorts brands are also available at your city cycle and sports stores.

There are very good manufacturers of Cycling Shorts in India, like they are based in  Pune, they are the people who bike a lot and understand things. The best part is one can request customization on a single pcs also. 

You can also check Triumph Sports Ahmadabad, T10 Delhi, Apace Pune for ready stock of cycling shorts.

The backlight should have a red blinker and the front light could be pure white or Yellowish.

Bicycle lights for sale are available on all marketplaces. There is an Indian Company which has a back light with 7 hours of backup and gets charged in 20 minutes, it comes with 6 months of replacement warranty ‘which matters’.

2. Back and Front Light Cycle Lights:

Gone are those 90s times when we enjoyed cycling all day long. Metro and Tier 2 Cities are chocked with traffic, Pollution, and cycling after 8 am is no more fun. A passionate cyclist and a dear friend, while discussing the idea of a “Bike to work scheme” said cycling after 8 am in the city is ‘Time wasted in unproductive work and deceptive killing of passion and love’ How True! Let’s not get into this and make a controversy.

With the busy work schedule and lifestyle we are living, The best time to bike is in the morning 5 am to 8 am. This makes BACK AND FRONT LIGHT for Cycle the most important Accessory to buy with your bike. The market is full of options, most of these are LED Rechargeable lights with a minimum backup of 2-3 hours, which solves the purpose, So rest assured and buy anything you find good and suits your pocket.

3. Mobile Pouch Bag For Cycle :

Mobile being one of the most important gadgets in everyone’s life, you cannot or should not leave at home when you go for a ride. Mobile handlebar Mounts are one good thing but A proper mobile pouch cum frame bag is always a better option, as It needs a safe and secure space in the bike all the time in all the weather in all kinds of terrain.

The transparent layer on the Mobile bag makes you see your live performance on Strava and your favorite music playlist. The side pockets have enough space to keep your, Allen key, extra tube, chocolates, Speakers, Battery bank, and of course some money for Chai, Kachori, or someone. 

You can google Cycle frame mobile bag, Mobile Pouch for Cycle, and  Small bag for cycle and the list of options are endless on the internet.   

“Still If you fancy a custom-fit bag for your bike with loads of cool colors check out  a small business Making cycling bags owned by a couple in Goa who are doing things differently.  

4. Cycle Helmet :

No Police will charge you for not wearing a Helmet on the cycle. So it's ok if you don’t buy it, just remember the old Doordarshan ad, Sar hai aap ka, Jinwan hai aap ka, so play with your life as you want. But one thing is sure, you will not be allowed in your city cycling club’s group rides and your neighbors won’t believe that you do long rides without a fancy-looking helmet.

5. Extra Tube and a Puncture Kit:

Yes, this is what you will say if you have a flat tire in the morning at 6 am when you are some 10-20 km from your house. You may find a beer shop open but surly not a puncture repair shop open. If you are riding in a group, rest assured there is One Tom Cruise in every cycling group who knows things and never hesitates to make his hands dirty in helping people (Respect such saviors in Group).  If you have a puncture kit or extra tube it will be a great help to Tom Cruise and to yourself.

And In the worst case, if a flat tire happens when you are alone, check for a petrol pump nearby where you get free air now all you need to do is search on YouTube ‘How to Go To MARS’ and congratulations you have done this.

Yes there are many more important accessories but as it is mentioned above “ If you have extra money or you are into serious cycling  sky is the Limit.”

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