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Relief Therapy – A Good Workout is the only Key

Why do we need Relief Therapy?

We live in the 21st century when nothing is permanent and nothing is certain. Mental and physical stress, anxiety, inferiority complex, monotonous lifestyle, destructive addictions, and acute and chronic diseases are becoming part of everyday life, in some way or another.

Who can Help?

Nobody, Only can help yourself?


Taking suggestions from dear friends, and colleagues, reading endless blogs on ways of relief therapy.
NOTHING WORKS!!! It is possible, as most of the scientific rules don’t apply in Bermuda Triangle and one’s individual life.

Then what works???

Exercise. Yes, it does wonders for your body.
Any sort of exercise that you engage in, makes you feel good, light, relaxed, and relieved. It could be a brisk walk, swimming, gardening, yoga, aerobics, dancing to your favourite song, etc. You may be too busy and stressed to fit it into your routine. You may not be an athlete or be out of shape. But you can still make a little. Exercise goes a long way towards stress management Relief Therapy. It increases your sense of well-being and makes you feel better and confident by pumping your endorphins. It helps you forget your stress and worries, and concentrate only on your body’s movements. Most importantly, it improves your mood.
We know it’s easy to say and even easy to write, however, doing it and making it a habit is a task. But as they say, “Actions speak louder than words”. We know you want to make it happen. But for that, setting an exercise plan is just the first step. Here are tips that help you to stick to the plan and make it a habit.

Remember the thumb rule of success we learned everywhere -To start something is the easiest thing, consistency is what matters.

1.) Start With what you love – Take your dog for a walk, dance to your favourite song, climb stairs at home, and play with kids. Engage in gardening, cycling, swimming, playing badminton, table tennis, or any game you loved during your school days. All this is just to refresh your muscle memories
2.) Divide the week into alternate days of exercise – Change your workouts. Do something today, and something else tomorrow. This makes your different body muscles work while relaxing the other.
3.)Bodyweight exercise at Home No GYM, Just the bodyweight exercise at home are perfect to start your Fitness Journey. It’s quite obvious that people join a gym with some motivation. But their motivation stays only for a week or two and then fades away with time. It is advisable to start working out at your home. You just need to spare 30 minutes, which could be just after your morning tea, before going for a bath, or during your “work at home” daybreak.

Here is a detailed blog about the Best Bodyweight Exercises that one can do at Home.

Need Of The Hour

Spinning is highly recommended as the best exercise for obesity and weight loss. Obesity has its challenges that do not make you feel good while jogging and running as it hurts the knees. Outdoor cycling is also a good option but is difficult in big cities considering the pollution, traffic, and unpredictable weather conditions. Moreover, Bodyweight exercises are also difficult and the right moves don’t come easily.
Worldwide it is proven that Spinning is the most effective exercise for Weight Loss. All you need is just a Bike and equipment to help you ride indoors. (Here is a guide to choosing the Best Indoor Bike Exercise Equipment for you.)
An indoor cycling workout is perfect for people with knee pain, overweight issues, and who don’t want to put more stress on the joints. Indoor cycling improves cardiovascular health. It is the same as other cardio exercises, such as running, swimming, and elliptical training.  The High-intensity workout on an exercise bike or Bicycle roller boosts your muscle endurance. Your legs get a serious workout. Sweat is the fuel to increase the level of the feel-good endorphin hormones and is the most important part of your Stress Relief Therapy.
Once you have Bike Trainer or any Indoor cycling Equipment, you can follow this 30 minutes of Indoor Cycling routine for the best results of your workout.
Although this article is all about Stress Relief Therapy, we already mentioned that exercise is the only key. It is also important to mention it clearly that Quick Weight Loss or Results is a Myth, it takes your patience, sweat, and consistency to Make Things Happen.