How ‘Traveller’ is the best fit for one and all??

Nothing compares to the feel, fun, and thrill of riding on full-size Shadowfax Rollers. Still, ‘Traveller’ is the best in a class of Trainers.

Professional Cyclists: They need something very quick, compact, and lightweight that they can easily carry anywhere they go. It can be a race event, a training session at the velodrome, HIIT workout at home.

Ashwa Pro Traveller fulfills and meets all these requirements at its best.

For Cycling EnthusiastsWith the busy lifestyle, it’s quite usual that the passion for cycling has been submerged.  The infatuated bike you bought has moved from your living room to the backyard of the house.   They are in need of equipment to use for their quick rides inside the house anywhere and whenever they want.  The elegant design, and easy setup of ‘Traveller” will bring some daily fitness and the fading passion of cycling back.

For Beginners: Every one of us has nostalgic memories of learning to ride a cycle. Our parents or mentors used to help us learn the first lesson of balancing. At some stage of life, everyone wants to relive the same feeling and in this case, the easiest thing is to buy a bicycle again. Unless you hit the highways or country roads, the experience of cycling is not the same as in the good old days, the traffic and pollution outside especially in big cities discourage the desire of cycling. But one should not stop here, keep following the cycling communities and groups on social media. Till the time you find a good company to ride with, gradually things get better. And you will be able to live the same passion for cycling again.

To fill this gap from getting a cycle and actually riding it outdoors to match the speed of co-riders, develop stamina for long weekend rides. Bicycle Trainer is a quick option to choose to prepare you indoors before you pedal the roads again.

For Homemakers and elders: Have a bike at home, now with just a bike trainer anyone or everyone in the family can ride the same bike at their own convenience.

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