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The Weight Loss Theory

How to Lose Weight Fast?

The most common issue that we all face is Weight Loss and the most common question that we look for answers to is “How to Lose Weight Fast?”. The internet is loaded with articles fooling us with unrealistically quick duration and less than necessary steps of Weight Loss. It is important to understand that you cannot lose weight fast in a healthy way. It requires consistency and consideration of various other factors than just heavyweight exercises. Moreover, your goal should not be to just lose weight but to build a happy and healthy body.

Are you obese?

Being obese or overweight or having an excessive amount of body fat is extremely unhealthy. It is caused by various factors such as physical inactivity or restricted body movement and excessive consumption of fat and sugar. Moreover, genetics, psychological and hormonal influences also play a major role in obesity. Not only this extra body fat affects you physically with serious health problems like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. But it also has a drastic impact on your mental health.

To find out about your obesity level, the most important measure is BMI. BMI or Body Mass Index measures the level of body fat taking into account your weight and height. There are normal levels of BMI based on a person’s height and weight, lower and above which is not a desirable condition. A high BMI indicates that you are overweight and obese. And it necessitates the beginning of your weight loss journey. Calculating your BMI is the first and foremost step before you commence your weight loss.

How to exercise for Weight Loss?

This is the one thing that people search for the most when it comes to Weight Loss. Engaging your body and exercising the right way can help you to lose weight effectively and efficiently. While, for genetics, psychological and hormonal influences, it is important that you consult a doctor first as there could be underlying issues that you are unaware of. For factors other than this, you can effectively lose weight at home without stepping out to a gym.

Although walking, jogging, and running consistently every day are considered to be very effective in weight loss. But there are many constraints to these forms of exercises such as insufficient space and time, unpredictable weather conditions, knee pain, etc.

Two excellent alternative exercises will trigger your weight loss in the best possible way.

1.) Bodyweight exercises– These are strength training and convenient exercises which use no- equipment but your body weight as resistance to get rid of your excessive fat. Go through the 10 best bodyweight exercises that engage every part of your body to help burn fat and gain muscle mass.
2.) Spinning– Spinning or indoor cycling is an effectively proven exercise that can do wonders for your body in so many ways that you cannot imagine. This high-intensity workout aids not only in weight loss but also makes your heart and core stronger and enhances your stamina, concentration, and balance. Considering the busy lifestyle and people of all age groups, and fitness levels, 30-45 minutes of Indoor Cycling Workout and Training at Home is what you need. Now you must also be wondering about the various types of indoor cycling equipment available in the market. Well, we have a perfect guide for you regarding the best Equipment and Setup for an Indoor Cycling Workout.

The above two forms of exercise are highly convenient, do not require a lot of space, and are ideal for weight loss. These can be done anywhere and anytime by all age groups and fitness levels.

Diet Plan

There are many misconceptions regarding diet plans for weight loss. First of all, let us not confuse ourselves with diet plans and fasting. The key to weight loss is not fasting or skipping meals. But to take a balanced diet to remain happy and healthy. A balanced diet ensures a proper intake of nutrients according to your body’s requirements. It should not make you feel lethargic but keep you active throughout the day. Therefore, you mustn’t skip your meals rather take regular meals at frequent times but in less quantity. A diet plan uses simple maths for your meals: Add what is missing and subtract what is in surplus. There are plenty of diet plans available over the internet promising quick weight loss or how to lose weight in 7 days or 21 days, etc. Every person’s body is different as well as their body requirements. It is better that you consult an expert trainer, dietician, or nutritionist to work out an ideal diet plan for you based on your BMI, food preferences, physical activity, age & fitness levels.

Losing weight is still not just about dieting and exercising. But it has a lot to do with your lifestyle. To lose weight just to regain it is not a sensible choice. Do not lose weight fast and for a temporary period. Instead, lose weight gradually and maintain it by making simple changes to your lifestyle.

Note to Remember

All the information and advice shared above are general and have come from our years of experience in the fitness industry. Since every person’s body and lifestyle differ from one another, we recommend you first consult a doctor or an expert before you begin your weight loss journey.