How to Ride on Rollers and Maintain Balance?

Riding on rollers is a constant balancing act. There are some challenges that you might face while cycling rollers as a beginner. But we have some very useful tips &tricks that you can use to maintain quick balance. These hacks will definitely help you in your initial days of indoor cycling.


What are the support items for Riding on Rollers?

As a beginner, you might have difficulty using bicycle rollers for indoor cycling. But there are some support items that will prove to be of absolute advantage. These include ‘a stool of BB axel height’, ‘a wall on another side’, ‘a bottle placed 3 meters away’, ‘strong partner assistance’ and door frame support, etc.


How to ride bike indoors?

Riding bikes indoors or indoor cycling, also popularly known as spin cycling is one of the best ways of home workouts. It focuses on strength training, HIIT, full-body workouts, cardio exercises, abs workouts, recovery rides, and much more. But, it is important to know the challenges one might face while riding a bike indoors as a beginner. Overcoming these challenges only will help you to become efficient in order to chase your fitness goals.


How to DIY Rocker Plates at Home?

To improve your indoor cycling experience with a smart trainer, rocker plates are an ideal option. Now you can DIY rocker plates of exclusive designs at home such as ‘Fighter Jet’, ship, fish, etc. Our step-by-step guide includes different types of rocker plates and all the materials used along with relevant pictures wherever needed


What are the types of DIY Rocker Plates?

There are two types of rocker plates for which we have a DIY process for you.

  1. Plates with Rare only rocking motion i.e. sidewise lateral motion

This is easier to make, less time-consuming, and most importantly lightweight.

  1. Plates With both Fore-aft and sidewise lateral motion

This allows for forwarding- backward movement also. The whole arrangement of the body, bike, and rocker plate moves with the change in cadence, body movement from sitting to standing position & power stocks.


How to plan home workouts with indoor cycling?

Indoor Cycling might be the best home workout. But unless you have a powerful workout routine, it will all go in vain. We have a 45- minute effective indoor cycling workout routine that you can do on your bike trainer or rollers. This cycling workout is a detailed guide including warm-up, power training, HIIT, and stretching exercises.


How to lose weight fast with indoor cycling workouts?

The answer to “How to lose weight fast?” is “Indoor Cycling”. Indoor Cycling or Spinning is a quick and most effective workout. It focuses on endurance, strength, cardio, high intensity, and recovery exercises. Most importantly, it lets you Exercise At Home. All you need is an effective workout routine on your indoor bike trainer or rollers. Read our detailed guide to kickstart your weight loss journey.


How to use indoor bike trainer as the best home gym equipment?

Did you know that an Indoor Bike trainer could be your all-in-one home gym equipment?? Well, yes, indoor cycling is the ultimate guide to a fit, healthy and toned body. But how?? In comparison to a gym workout with different exercise machines, we have a 45 minutes indoor cycling routine on a cycle trainer that will put into action a FULL BODY WORKOUT AT HOME. This includes cardio exercises, strength training, abs workout, leg exercises, weight loss, HIIT workouts, core exercises, etc.


Which is the best Indoor Cycling Workout Routine?

The best Indoor Cycling Workout Routine is the one that yields results in all areas of the body. And the one which is suitable for all age groups and fitness levels. Now you can forget about going to the gym and get started with a 45-minute music-driven cycling workout routine. This spinning or stationary cycling workout is very effective in weight loss, cardio, HIIT, and stamina buildup.


How to use Bike Trainer for Full Body Workout at Home?

Spinning workouts can be a great deal of achievement for a full-body workout at Home. You need to follow a powerful fitness routine that includes a warm-up, stretching, power training, and High-Intensity Interval Training. This will be a great source for your abs, legs & cardio workout, stamina buildup, quick weight loss, recovery rides, strength and endurance training. Hence, a Full Body Workout at Home.


Which is the best home gym equipment?
With the increasing awareness about indoor cycling and home workouts, the concept of a home gym has now become very popular. There is a wide range of home gym equipment available in the market such as exercise bikes, bike trainers, bicycle rollers, and smart trainers. Hence, it is very important to evaluate their pros and cons before making an investment.


What are the different types of indoor cycling trainer?

Exercise bikes or smart stationary bikes, bike trainers, smart trainers, and bicycle rollers are some of the different types of indoor cycling trainers in the market. They all help you to Exercise at Home. But they have their benefits and drawbacks that need to be carefully evaluated. We all want to gain the best results of indoor cycling. Therefore, it is very important to make an ideal choice of cycling trainer.


How ‘Traveller’ is the best fit for one and all?
Nothing compares to the feel, fun, and thrill of riding on a full-size Shadowfax Rollers. Still, ‘Traveller’ is the best in a class of Trainers.

For Professional Cyclists: They need something very quick, compact, lightweight that they can easily carry anywhere they go. It can be a race event, a training session at the velodrome, HIIT workout at home.

Ashwa Pro Traveller fulfills and meets all these requirements at its best.

For Cycling Enthusiasts: With the busy lifestyle, it’s quite usual that the passion for cycling has been submerged.  The infatuated bike you bought has moved from your living room to the backyard of the house.   They are in need of equipment to use for their quick rides inside the house anywhere and whenever they want.  The elegant design, easy setup of ‘Traveller” will bring some daily fitness and the fading passion of cycling back.

For Beginners: Every one of us has nostalgic memories of learning to ride a cycle. Our parents or mentors used to help us learn the first lesson of balancing. At some stage of life, everyone wants to relive the same feeling and in this case, the easiest thing is to buy a bicycle again. Unless until you hit the highways or country roads, the experience of cycling is not same as in good old days, the traffic and pollution outside especially in big cities discourage the desire of cycling. But one should not stop here, keep following the cycling communities and groups on social media. Till the time you find a good company to ride with, gradually things get better. And you will be able to live the same passion for cycling again.

To fill this gap from getting a cycle and actually riding it outdoors to match with the speed of co-riders, develop stamina for long weekend rides. Bicycle Trainer is a quick option to choose to prepare you indoors before you pedal the roads again.

For Homemakers and elders: Have a bike at home, now with just a bike trainer anyone or everyone in the family can ride the same bike at their own convenience.

What is the warranty on the products?
The warranty term for all the products sold is 1 year.
What is the return and refund procedure of the product?
You Have 7 Days to return/exchange a product from the date of delivery. Once we receive your product, we will inspect it and notify you via email that we have received your returned product. If your return is approved, we will initiate a refund/exchange at the earliest.


Which cycle/bike is good for Rollers and Indoor Cycling?
Unless you are a professional cyclist, we highly recommend buying these rollers only if you have geared bikes. Else on single-speed, you will feel more resistance and you would not be able to ride on it for long. Our Rollers are compatible with bikes from 24’’ wheel size to 29’’ wheel size, 700 c, with adjustment of rare drums you can easily use Foldy and 20’’ wheel as well
How much resistance our rollers produce for Indoor Training?
We have tried our best to create resistance a little more than what you feel on-road. It is tested for a good 6 months with different bikes from road bike to 24”- 29’’ MTB Geared to  non geared bike. This set of rollers are giving a perfect feel of road resistance, which can be further controlled with the shifting of gears.
How to get rid of “tire noise” in Indoor Cycling?

How to get rid of ‘tire friction’ noise while riding on rollers??

To begin with, Rollers carry a hefty image of a professional rider’s equipment. They use it for their warm-up, regular training, and workouts.

Nowadays with the availability of resources,  knowledge, and up-to-date information about the product, rollers are getting popular among all the cycling enthusiasts who cannot afford to ride outdoors due to their personal or professional commitments, extreme weather conditions, pollution, traffic, etc.

But the most common issue that people face with rollers or trainer is the noise of tires. This noise bothers riders as well as their families or anyone around them. Those who use proper road bikes do not face noise trouble as the road bike tires don’t have any grip and are very thin.

Let us start with an easy case of Hybrid or Gravel bikes which come with tires width 1.00- 1.5’’. These have tiny groves(spikes) grip that creates more fiction which in turn make noise. So,  to enjoy a butter-smooth ride, you can rub talcum powder on the circumference of the tire before every ride. This allows you to enjoy your ride for 30 minutes with less bothering noise.

The biggest challenge is in the case of the MTB cycle. If you ride on rollers with mtb bike, it is certain that people inside the house will get irritated or disturbed, as the sound gets louder with faster pedaling.

You can fight /convince the world but the same convincing tricks don’t work with family.

Here are some tips and suggestions you can use in order to solve these noise challenges.

  1. Place the rollers on your rooftop/balcony/ garden (you should have a hard surface under the roller’s lags). The noise produced from the rollers will get scattered and become quite less disturbing for everyone around.
  2. Use a headphone/earphone and play hard workout music. The best part is music motivates and boosts your energy to ride more and better with the beats.
  3. I understand the expensive bike and 8 block soft mtb tires you own and for all good reasons, you don’t want to change them. But in the case of indoor cycling, there is no harm in buying a pair of cheap ralson tires without grooves for your bike. These tires cost just INR 200-250 per pcs, and you can ride indoors without any disturbance.
Do I need trainer tires for Indoor Cycling?

With the magnetic or fluid Trainer, the rare wheel rotates on a small 1’’ solid steel roller. If one rides with the original tire of the bike, it gets bald and then worn down due to excessive heat produced by the small steel hub rotating at high RPM and tire positioned at one point only. So Trainer tire is a must for such bike trainers. However, in the case of   ‘Ashwa Pro Traveller’, a Trainer tire is not required. This is because the rare wheel is not stuck in one position. It actually swings on two aluminum drums of 4’’ diameter which does not generate any heat at whatever speed or rpm you ride.

Is there any servicing or maintenance required in Bicycle Rollers?

No such maintenance is required. It is advisable to tighten the nuts over a period of time if required, else rollers work on a very simple mechanism of bearings

Why Rollers are a better choice over Bike Trainer which clamps the rare wheel?

When you have a bike that is comfortable to ride outside but leads to problems when riding inside with Trainer, it is important to look at what is different between the use cases.

When we mount a bike onto a typical trainer, it becomes rigidly clamped to it, disallowing any motion. It exerts excessive pressure on the support tissue and discomfort on the saddle. This is because there is no shift in the demand on the muscles and tissue around them.

However, while riding outdoors, we experience natural motion as the bike remains unrestricted in use. Hence, the bike & saddle movement is flexible & dynamic which leads to higher saddle comfort and lower pressure on the sit bones & soft tissue.

What are the top features of Traveller Bike Trainer?

Traveller Bike Trainer is the most compact, portable, and affordable bike trainer for indoor cycling workouts. It delivers natural resistance and fits the fitness needs of every household and not just pro cyclists. The affordability of this trainer sets it apart from the others. It makes the bike as steady as a regular trainer and is more convenient and does not require trainer tires as in the case of a regular trainer. This makes them different but better from other regular trainers.

What are the best features of Shadowfax Rollers?

Shadowfax rollers are the classic bike rollers that give you the same amount of thrill as riding outdoors. It works as a functional home gym to enhance stamina, improve balance & concentration, lose body weight and build core muscle strength at HOME. The best part of these bicycle rollers is bumper wheels which help you get rid of the risk of falling.


What are the benefits of bike trainer?
It is absolutely beneficial to use a bike trainer because:
  • Bike Trainers are not expensive and there is no service cost as such.
  • These trainers are compatible with all bikes and allow anyone to ride with them as this makes the bike stationary and there is no risk of falling.
  • These are lightweight, portable bikes and need less storage space.

But, not to forget, every coin has two sides. Hence, bike trainers have few drawbacks as well.


How to compare different Indoor Bike Trainers?
There are now various kinds of indoor bike trainers available in the market. Since this home gym equipment requires an investment to make, one should always evaluate the pros and cons before buying one. Price, maintenance, portability, compatibility, engagement, etc are some of the important considerations in order to make a valid comparison. We have a detailed blog of the different cycle trainers with their benefits and drawbacks for you.


What is the difference between Smart Bike and Smart Trainer?
Smart Bikes/ Exercise Bikes comes with a smart interface that can record data, set routine, and have a live workout session on a screen attached to the stationary bike. Although they do not require any assembling, they are not portable also. 

Smart trainers have become a next level thing in Indoor cycling. It brings you all new technology and gaming experience of virtual cycling world where you actually ride and game.

To get an ultimate comparison between the two, it is important to analyze the pros and cons of each.


Are bicycle rollers the best home gym equipment for Indoor Cycling?
Cycling on Rollers is the most engaging and thrilling workout out of all the indoor cycling equipment. Apart from giving a realistic road cycling feel, it enhances stamina, improves balance & concentration, loses body fat faster, and builds core muscle strength. Moreover, bicycle rollers come at a reasonable price, are portable, lightweight, and have the easiest setup. Its pros definitely outweigh the cons which make it the best home gym equipment for Indoor Cycling.


What are the best free workout apps for Indoor Cycling?
For an effective workout evaluation, you need a thorough analysis and performance metrics of your cycling workouts. Well, we have come up with the top 2 free workout apps to record your Indoor Cycling Workouts. Motosumo and Intelligent cycling brings great interactive features with minimal equipment and investment.


How to connect Strava with other fitness apps?
Strava has become the biggest fitness & social media platform for all fitness enthusiasts. It allows you to do all your workouts, record your activities and share them with groups. But, it does not support Indoor rides. We cannot connect it with any speed and cadence sensor to record our spinning classes. To do the same, we need to authorize Strava with other third-party training apps which support these sensors. Connecting Strava with these apps allows us to upload and sync both outdoor and indoor cycling workouts on strava.