Shaping your Imaginations -

This is something we love to do the most. The world of crazy ideas and thought processes to make something one of a kind.

Out of pure passion for cycling, we do a lot of research, observation, and effort to study the various aspects of customizing and making something that solves the real-life purpose and looks amazing.

 At Ashwa Pro, we don’t believe in settling for the ordinary. We exist to create custom-built bicycle equipment that caters to your unique needs and desires, whether you’re a Tourer, Racer, Hard-core mountain biker, or Para cyclist. Every frame and accessory is handcrafted with precision engineering and unmatched attention to detail to ensure optimal performance that’s tailored just for you.

There are many choices in regard to the aesthetics of our Product line. The frame can be painted in your choice of colors. Aluminum frames can be brush-polished or have a matte finish. Anodized logos can be placed on matte-finish frames.

Your own Decals/logos in many colors can be placed on painted frames. We can make changes in design as well, if you have some ideas, feel free to let us know.